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Visit India

Add a splash of colour to your life - visit India Frontline's activities include the organisation of teams that visit the projects in Vijayawada, usually in late October.

The teams of up to 20 people from all backgrounds, young and not-so-young, get to experience the 'shock' of India in the context of a well-organised and supported group.

It may sound clichéd, but many team members reflect on their visit as a genuinely life-changing (or at least life-enhancing) experience.

Join a team or form your own Get into practical work from painting and decorating through to more skilled building projects work. Run a programme of English teaching, crafts, sports or music. You will be amazed by the enthusiasm and openness of the young people Perhaps you can offer more specialist help: e.g. teacher or management training, IT skills.


Child Sponsorship

You can't personally solve the world's problems but you can solve many of the problems in one person's world.

And that's exactly what child sponsorship does!

Please, contact us today and change a child's life.

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