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How to get Involved

What can you do to help?

  • Come along to a fund raising event – we will be updating these on the website
  • Change a child’s life forever through a monthly sponsorship of at least £20 per month
  • Considering supporting a day school project serving the families of quarry workers – these children often start very hard physical work at 9 years old and we have been working to break that cycle - £10 per month supports a child.
  • Make a How to sponsor a child towards the purchase of equipment, refurbishing buildings etc. For example, this year we gave £2000 towards an industrial scale rice cooker!
  • Teachers – what about partnering your class with a similar age group? Lots of scope for creativity!
  • Raise money to support a borehole project – partners have already drilled dozens of these many in the small communities the families are continuing to live. £500 can provide a valuable additional source of water.
  • Consider having a fun event – something for the kids, a lovely coffee morning, a cake sale, wash cars, pack bags at your local supermarket – there are loads of ways to take small steps to change lives forever.
  • Join a team going to India or consider getting together your own.

Put your imagination to work and come up with fresh ideas – we are really open to them!


Child Sponsorship

You can't personally solve the world's problems but you can solve many of the problems in one person's world.

And that's exactly what child sponsorship does!

Please, contact us today and change a child's life.

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